Our Father’s Productions


Moto: A vessel for the creations of God’s hands

Mission: Our Father’s Productions creates incredible, miraculous works that are prime-time and cutting-edge, but at the same time speak the Word of God in the coolest, most unique fashion. These creations deeply touch multitudes of people’s hearts each and every day and lead them to Christ.

Founder / Director: Jesus Christ

Creator of the Universe. The first thing we know about Him in the book of Genesis is that He is a Creator. Thus, we believe that there is a special place in His heart for His children who are also creators. It’s no coincidence that ‘ART’ is at the heart of His children’s HeARTs.

Assistant Director: Joseph Zabrosky

Studied Business, Psychology and Theater at Flagler College and the University of Florida. Was a working actor in Hollywood (commercials, music videos, television and motion pictures). Worked in development and production for Kevin Costner (Tig Productions) at Warner Brothers.

                                                                Joseph with Kevin and Whitney in “The Bodyguard”

Worked as an audio / video technician, writer, producer and director at Ford Creative Network (Ford Motor Company) and Jackson-Dawson Communications.

Founded Our Father’s Productions.

Created “The Yeshua’s Lessons in Life Series” and was the first Visiting Author for Nationwide Learning where he taught children how to become Christian artists and write Christian children’s stories.

Wrote, produced, directed, edited, and acted in “The Lying Machine,” which rendered worldwide distribution and was seen on television.

Created “The Lying Machine” movie, course and study for families and homeschoolers.